Feature Comparison

Place Links, Text, Images, Lists, Tables, Forms
Generate Frames
Basic META Tag Support
(including Author, Description, Keywords)
Basic CSS Support
(include external Style Sheets)
Instant Page Previews
Embed Flash, RealMedia, Windows Media, QuickTime, Audio media
Open/Save Files
HTML Syntax Checking 
Multiple document workspace 
Advanced Color Picker with "Harmonious" and "System" Colors 
Interactive Frame Generator 
Frame Breakout option
- prevent your pages being trapped in another site's frames
Virtual Frames
- split your page up using tables instead of frames
Extended META Tag Support
(Copyright, Publisher, Page Expiry, Search Engine Indexing, Cache Control)
Page/Site Transitions
- Control how your pages appear/disappear
Easily Embed RSS feeds 
Quickly set a "page icon" (favicon) 
Create Smooth Background Gradients 
Customize Scrollbar colors 
Embed Separate CSS files for multiple media types
(i.e. screen, print, projection)
Extended CSS support 
Advanced Media Embedding, including support for "YouTube" movies 
Use any installed font on your PC 
Add special effects to images & text 
Add scrolling text 
Built-in Link Verification
- check your links are valid before adding them to your page
Quickly create links to FTP sites 
Assign keyboard shortcuts to links 
Generate Image Maps 
Make e-mail links "spam proof" 
"Power Create" Tables
- Take full control over the appearance & content of every cell
Control "Auto Complete" in Forms 
Disable Form elements, or make them read-only 
HTML Converter 
HTML compressor to reduce file sizes 
HTML Syntax Checking 
Compile HTML code into stand-alone "HTML Applications" (HTA's) 
Open Remote Internet URLS 
Directly publish files via FTP 
Directly publish blog entries to "MySpace.com" 
More ready-made Javascripts built-in 
Includes numerous "built-in" common lists (Such as dates & places, etc)