Style "Classes"

Elements within your pages can have Style "Classes" associated with them. A style "class" is a set of styles, which you define, to change the appearance of page elements. Once defined, a style class can be used again and again throughout your page.
To define a Style Class:
  • Click the Advanced Style Settings (CSS) icon:
  • Select "Create a Custom Style"
  • You will then be able to enter a unique "Class Name" - a name that will be used to identify this particular set of "styles"
  • Additionaly, you can also define a "Pseudo Class" (a sub class). This way an element can have one set of visual styles by default, and another set of visual styles whilst the mouse "hovers" over it.
  • Proceed to define all the style settings for this "Class", and click "OK" when done
  • To use a defined Style Class:
  • When you place an element on your webpage, such as a link, you will see a "Style Class" drop-down list containing the names of all the style classes you've previously defined (see above)
  • Select the style class you wish to associated with the element
  • Proceed to customize any other settings for the element, then click "OK".
  • The element will be placed on your page, and will appear with the visual styles defined by its associated style class