Effects Studio

The WebWizard PRO's "Effects Studio" can be used to enhance your graphics and text with special visual "filters"
The following effects are currently available:
  • Alpha - Set the opacity (transparency) of the text/image, either uniformly over the whole area, or as a gradient region.
  • Blur - Gives the impression that the text/image is in motion.
  • Chroma - Makes a specific colour in an image become transparent.
  • Emboss - Gives the impression that the image is 'raised'
  • Engrave - Gives the impression that the image is 'depressed'
  • Flip - Flips the text/image horizontally and/or vertically.
  • Glow - Adds radiance around the text/image, causing it to appear as if it glows.
  • Gray - Converts all the colors in the image to Grayscale values.
  • Invert - Inverts all the colors in the image so that they become their logical inverses.
  • Mask - Sets all transparent pixels in an image to a certain color, and creates a transparent mask from the non-transparent pixels.
  • Pixelate - Makes the image appear 'blocky'
  • Rotate - Rotates the image by a value in degrees.
  • Shadow - Applies a shadow to an image or a string of text.
  • Wave - Applies sine wave distortion to text/images.
  • X-Ray - Displays the image as if it has been x-rayed. This is not the same effect as "Gray".

    Effects that are applied to Images don't alter the original image file in any way, they are simply applied when the image is displayed on screen!
    NOTE: Not all browsers will display "effects"