"Events" allow you to define Javscript actions that take place when a certain "event" happens, such as a mouse click, or a key press on a particular element within your page
How to attach an "Event" to a page element: In this example, add a button to the page, which when clicked will display a "Hello World" message:
  • Click the button to insert a new button into your page
  • Select a "Standard Button", and set the "Text to display on button" to "Click Me"
  • Now in the "Event" drop-down list, select "Mouse: Click", and click the "Add" button
  • A "JavaScripts" window will display, showing a list of script categories on the left.
  • From this "Script Categories" list, select "Messages -> Alert Box"
  • You will then be prompted to enter a message. Enter "Hello World!", and click "OK". This window will then close, taking you back to the original "Insert Form Button" window
  • Click "OK" to place the button onto your page
  • Preview your file, and you should see something similar to this:

    ..clicking this button should display the message "Hello World!"