About The WebWizard

What is an HTML Editor?

An HTML Editor is a piece of software which allows you to create new Web Pages, or modify existing ones, written in the Hyper Text Mark-up Language (or HTML for short!) - Sounds scary, but it's really a VERY simple language!

Why do I need one?

Most HTML Editors make it easy for you to insert various 'snippets' of HTML code, so you don't have to directly type the HTML code yourself!
There are many 'WYSIWYG Web Page Designers' available, such as Microsoft's FrontPage, and Macromedia's Dreamweaver, but they can become complex, and it is sometimes quite difficult to display exactly what you want.
...and at the end of the day, what do you actually learn from them? - How to drag and drop... - That's about it! Most people who use such programs have little or no knowledge and understanding as to how their pages actually work, or the coding behind them!
Unlike such WYSIWYG authoring tools, that's where a simple to use, yet powerful, HTML Editor can make all the difference!
The WebWizard HTML Editor gives you precise layout control, total design flexibility and full access to the very latest Web technologies, including Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript.

Why The WebWizard?

Our Philosophy:

We believe that everyone should have the means to make their own Webpages - whatever the level of their programming skill! The aim of the WebWizard is to try to make HTML more accessible to people, in a simple, straight forward, fun, educational, and non-threatening environment!
As the Internet expands, more and more people are going to be creating Webpages, and yet still have little or no knowledge of the language used to create them...
...Hopefully the WebWizard will help to change this!