WebWizard PRO Changelog

v2.30PRO	(Released: 07/05/07)
~ New Feature: Directly preview your code in other browsers installed on your computer! (Firefox, Opera, etc)
~ New Feature: Convert between HTML and BBCode (used in forums and bulletin boards)
~ New Feature: Remove/Convert HTML window now has a "Copy To Clipboard" button
~ Improvement: New code is now inserted wherever the text carat is positioned
~ Improvement: Re-write of Multi-Document interface
~ Improvement: Loaded files can be "inserted" at text carat - Allows bits of code to be saved and reused whenever you need them!
~ Change: References to "Macromedia" changed to reflect recent acquisition by Adobe Systems, Inc
~ Bug Fix: Some pop-up blockers could preventing "Previews". User informed if preview fails
~ Bug Fix: Image Map generator returning incorrect y-coordinates on some images
~ Bug Fix: Strange bug in some Vista builds caused slow loading/high CPU usage
~ Bug Fix: Thumbnail images not previewing in Vista
~ Bug Fix: Embedding of Windows Media Player fixed
~ Bug Fix: Some Javacsript codes causing errors in Syntax Checker
~ Bug Fix: Removed some obsolete code
~ Bug Fix: Update checking could "hang"
~ Bug Fix: Print functions not working correctly under Vista

v2.20PRO	(Released: 24/10/06)
~ Major GUI overhaul
~ Re-designed "Embed Media" module:
  - Now includes support for "YouTube" movies!
  - Now includes support for WindowsMedia files!
  - Now includes support for QuickTime movies!
  - Flash Support extended to include:
    - Ability to specify minimum version of Flash required for embedded movies
    - Ability to pass variables into Flash movies!
~ Re-designed "Styles" module:
  - Now includes a "Preview Area" to instantly test styles!
~ Re-designed "Publish to Web" module:
  - Ability to post blogs on "MySpace" direct from The WebWizard PRO!
~ Re-designed "Remove/Convert HTML" module:
  - Massive speed increase
  - New options to remove scripts from a page, consolidate code into one line, and URL encode text!
~ More Keyboard Shortcuts: Escape closes current popup window, Enter has same affect as clicking "OK"
~ Realtime Previews of Scrolling Text settings improved
~ "Page Expires" Meta Tag drastically simplified!
~ Javascripts updated to include new scripts for handling XPI installs and adding Search Engines
~ Common Forms - Credit Card Details: Updated to include 3-digit Verification number
~ "Syntax Checking" rewritten and simplified
~ ODH (On Demand Help) complete re-write
~ Re-designed splash screen
~ Bug Fix: Potential for DEP errors whilst loading on WinXP with IE7 installed
~ Bug Fix: I-Beam instead of Default cursor shown over labels
~ Bug Fix: No longer possible to enter alpha characters in numeric fields
~ Bug Fix: "Background-Attachment" style attribute not functioning
~ Bug Fix: Saving to highly nested folder prevented closing of "saved" notification
~ Bug Fix: Duplicate entries in "Recent Files" list
~ Bug Fix: Clearing "Recent Files" list didn't clear list until next time "file" dialog opened
~ Code Cleanup/Optimization

v2.17PRO	(Released: 19/03/06)
~ New Feature: Interactive Frame Sizer
~ New Feature: Support for embedding RSS feeds into webpages
~ Default Theme Update
~ CSS Improvements:
  - Support for Stylesheet "media" types
  - Support for cursor:pointer
  - Support for :before, :after, and :only-child Pseudo Classes
~ Bug Fix: Frame Layout 15 incorrectly generated
~ Bug Fix: Alt+N Hotkey window size
~ Code Cleanup/Optimization

v2.16PRO	(Released: 02/04/05)
~ Checked for Win XP Service Pack 2 compatibility
~ Font List improvements:
  - Option to use any installed font!
  - Now use fonts based on your current Windows settings/Theme
~ Color Picker now remembers recently used colors
~ Horizontal Bars now instantly preview
~ Horizontal Bars can now "fade" between two colors (Gradient)
~ Additional "New File" Option - "Duplicate Current File"
~ Quickly link to "Markers" with current document
~ New Cursor types supported
~ CSS Enhancements:
  - Class "Selectors" improved - Updated to include new CSS3 selectors
  - Classes sharing same declarations now "grouped" into a comma-separated lists
~ Support for the following deprecated tags have been removed: <APPLET>, <BASEFONT>, <CENTER>, <DIR>, <FONT>, <ILAYER>, <ISINDEX>, <LAYER>, <LISTING>, <MENU>, <XMP>
~ Date functions updated
~ New Installer Front-End
~ Bug Fix: "<LABEL>" tag incorrectly shown as "<LABLE>"
~ Bug Fix: Graphical "Browse" buttons in FTP Upload window added
~ Bug Fix: Erroneous Alert dialog in "Custom Javascript" module removed

v2.15PRO	(Released: 06/04/04)
~ Issues with access to the "Help" file resolved

v2.14PRO	(Released: 16/02/04)
~ ColorPicker improvements:
  - HEX colors can now also be manually entered
  - HEX code now visible with dark selected colors
~ New Program Option - Control where code is inserted
~ Updated installer to deal with Proxy Servers
~ Bug Fix: ColorPicker "Object doesn't support this property or method"
~ Bug Fix: Inserting code at a specified point erroneously placed code at start of file instead
~ Bug Fix: Comments & New Lines can now be inserted anywhere

v2.13PRO	(Released: 08/09/03)
~ Bug Fix: 'font_StyleU.options' is null or not an object
~ Bug Fix: "Styles" Tabs Colors
~ Bug Fix: Install location of help file

v2.12PRO	(Released: 23/07/03)
~ Improved Support For RealMedia & Flash Files!
~ 5 Common "Pre-Defined" Forms Included!
~ Bug Fix: 'Browse' buttons now appear like other buttons
~ Bug Fix: 'Browsing' for files in use by other applications
~ Bug Fix: Common List: Years (Present+)

v2.11PRO	(Released: 29/05/03)
~ The long awaited 'Browse' button for images, media, and CSS files added!
~ 'ColorPicker' Greatly Improved:
  - FULL control over RGB and HSL components
  - 5 'Harmonious Colors' Generated For Each Individual Color!
~ 'Settings' Implemented - Get Complete Control Over The WebWizard!
~ You can now Open/Save PHP, XML, and CGI/PERL Files
~ Added right-click "Edit in WebWizard" Shell Integration!
~ Easily Add Items To Existing Lists
~ "Site" as well as "Page" Transitions can now be set!
~ Bug Fix: 'hostr' error in 'Publish To Web' Module
~ Bug Fix: <HEAD> tags sometimes being incorrectly omitted
~ Bug Fix: Image Map: Sometimes clicking 'OK' incorrectly produced an 'Unkown Image' error
~ Bug Fix: Image Map: Crosshairs not covering entire images of certain sizes

v2.10PRO	(Released: 11/03/03)
~ New Improved User Interface!
~ Many New Features/Changes, too many to list, but here's a few:
~ Color 'Gradients' Can Be Used As Page Backgrounds!
~ You can now directly open Internet Addresses (URLS)!
~ 6 New Cursor Pointers Can Be Used!
~ 2 New Targets For Links: "Media Bar" and "Search Pane"!
~ Added support for <OPTGROUP> tag!
~ Entire Re-Write of Most Modules!
~ HTML Syntax Checking now includes support for NS7 & IE6!
~ No More "ActiveX" Warnings When Attempting To Save/Load Files!
~ Bug Fix: Cancel Button In 'Publish To Web' Module
~ Bug Fix: "Begin New File" behaviour if Max. Files Reached
~ Bug Fix: Disable Page Caching
~ Bug Fix: 'Blend In' Document Transition Preview
~ Bug Fix: 'Wingdings' Font Support
~ Bug Fix: 'Text-Transform' Property
~ Bug Fix: 'Clear Status Bar Text' Javascript
~ Bug Fix: HTA Compiler: Application Name
~ Bug Fix: HTA Compiler: Fix for undefined HTML
v2.03PRO	(Released: 04/11/02)
~ You can now publish your WebWizard Files, via FTP, directly to your WebServer, from within the software!!
~ 40+ new Javascript 'Events' added!
~ Bug Fix: Restart Current File.
~ Bug Fix: Horizontal Rule Events & Styles
v2.02PRO	(Released: 19/10/02)
~ Keyboard Shortcuts (Hotkeys) Added!
~ 48 New 'Special Characters' - Including Math Symbols!
~ Style sheet support improved to latest 2.1 Specification!
	The value 'compact' for 'display' does not exist in CSS 2.1. 'Inline-block' is added.
	The 'font-stretch' property doesn't exist in CSS 2.1 - Appears to be included in 3, so left in for time being!
	New Cursor Property: 'progress'
~ Re-Designed Main Window: - WebWizard 'Logo' Made Smaller & HTML Work Area Resizes To Be As Big As Possible!
~ Ordered Lists can now start at specified Letter by entering that letter, rather than it's numerical alphabetical position!
~ 'Common Lists' now include Canadian Provinces!
~ Fixed Small Saving Bug!
~ Bug Fix: Horizontal Line Color produced error.
~ Bug Fix: Javascripts/Style Classes were ignored on some Links & Tables.
~ Bug Fix: Javascript Events were ignored for Forms & Select Boxes.
~ Bug Fix: Form Button - Image Source Problem.
v2.01PRO	(Released: 29/06/02)
~ Bug Fix: Scrollbar 'Hi-Lite' Color
~ Bug Fix: 'Advanced' Default Page Styles

v2.00PRO	(Released: 17/06/02)
~ Multi-Document Support Added!
~ 'Frame Names' Now Appear As Link Targets!
~ 'Virtual Frames' (Table Layouts) can be generated in place of real frames!
~ Prevent Your Pages Being Trapped In Other Sites 'Frames'!
~ 'Preview' Options Now Allow You To Preview FRAMES On Their Own, Or Within Their FRAMESET!
~ Support For Macromedia 'Flash' Added!
~ Extensive CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) Support Added!
~ Extensive JavaScript Capabilities Added - Including Over 30 Pre-Made Scripts!
~ 'Link Verification' Added!
~ Multi-Line Text Can Be Added In "Insert Text" Module!
~ 15 More Color 'Themes' Added To 'Color Co-Ordinator'!
~ Improved 'Email Verification'!
~ Email Addresses Can Be Made 'Spam Proof'!
~ Now Even Easier To Insert Lists & Drop-Downs!
~ Quickly Generate Common Drop-Downs - Including Countries, States, & TimeZones!
~ No Limit On Size Of Image Maps That Can Be Created!
~ "Power Create" Table Functions Greatly Improved!
~ HTA (HyperText Application) Compiler Added - Convert Your WebPages to 'Stand-Alone' Web Applications!
~ 'HTML Squisher!' Added - Compress Pages By Removing Unnecessary Code, Making Them Download Faster!
~ Find/Replace Module Improved!
~ Major Code Re-Write to Improve Speed & Efficiency!
~ Bug Fix: "\" in links now convert to "/"
~ Bug Fix: 'Copyright' Meta Tag
~ Bug Fix: Image Map Generator

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