Frequently Asked Questions

During installation I'm told that my Serial Number is invalid, what's wrong?
I've installed the software, but there's no executable (.exe) file to run, what's wrong?
I'm getting a message saying "wizard.hta is not a valid Win32 application" what's wrong?
Will this program work on a Mac computer?
The pop-up dialogs in The WebWizard are the wrong size
How do I place images on my pages? - what do I type as the images location?
Why won't my pages preview when I click the "Preview" button?
I'm seeing an "An error has occurred in the script on this page" message - help!
How do I upload my finished pages?
Now that my website is 'on-line', How can I get more visitors to my site?
Can I have the WebWizard software running on my WebSite / Server / Intranet?
What is your refund policy?
Can I install The WebWizard on more than one computer?