Insert Link

The "Insert Text" button allows you to add text to your webpage in a variety of styles.
Link ToThe URL (Internet address) of the page, file, or resource you wish to link to
VerifyClicking the "Verify" button, once you have entered an "http://" Internet address in the "Link To" field will attempt to verify that the link points to a valid resource, and doesn't return a "404 - Not Found" error. Note: You must have an active Internet connection for this feature to work
FTPQuickly create a link to an FTP site
MarkerQuickly create a link to an existing "marker" within a page
Link ContentSpecify what will be displayed to visitors as the actual "link" they will be able to click. Most links, are simple strings of text or images, but can conceivably be any HTML content
ImageTo use an image as a link (rather than a text link), click the "Image Button"
Tool TipSpecify a line of text that will be displayed next to the mouse pointer whilst it "hovers" over the link
ShortcutAttach a keyboard shortcut to your link, activated by pressing the "Alt" key and the character you specify. Note: Not all browsers currently support this
Open InNormally, when you click a link in a webpage it opens up in the current browser window or frame, however, you can force links to open in a number of different ways:
  • Current Full Browser Window - Link opens in current window. If current page contains Frames, all frames will be removed and link will open in current full browser window
  • Current Frame/Browser Window - This is the default action for links
  • Immediate Frameset Parent - If the page is contains frames, link will open up in the current frame's parent frame
  • New Browser Window - Link will open up a new browser window
  • IE Media Bar - Link will open up in Internet Explorer's "Media Bar" (Has no effect on other browsers)
  • IE Search Pane - Link will open up in Internet Explorer's "Search Pane" (Has no effect on other browsers)
  • Custom Pop-Up Window - Links open in a customized window
  • EventsAttach scripted "events" which trigger upon certain user actions/events - Read More about Events
    Style ClassAttach a previously defined Style Class to your link to further customize its appearance
    StylesThe "Styles" button allows you to further customize the appearance of the link

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