Site Licenses

When you purchase/download the WebWizard, you may use it for personal use on up to three computers in your home. However, we receive a lot of interest from organisations/establishments who are keen to purchase "Site Licenses" to allow them to use The WebWizard througout their organisation/premisis. We are therefore pleased to be able to offer the following discounts for bulk site licenses:

Number of
Total Cost
Up to 10$199 (Approx $19.90 per copy)
Up to 30$450 (Approx $15 per copy)
Up to 100$600 (Approx $6 per copy)
Up to 500$1000 (Approx $2 per copy)
500+$1200 (Approx $2 per copy)

EXAMPLE: If you would like to install the WebWizard PRO on 25 workstations, you will need to purchase an "Up to 30" Site License at $450

If you would like further information, or would like to order a license
to permit the installation of The WebWizard PRO on a number of
computers, please e-mail us on: