Insert Text

The "Insert Text" button allows you to add text to your webpage in a variety of styles.
  • Base/Standard Fonts - This will only display default web fonts in the "Font" list below. These common fonts should be present on all your visitors computers, and therefore you page will display as you intended
  • All Installed Fonts - This will show all the font installed on your particular computer in the "Font" drop-down list. Be aware, that if you select a non-standard (base) font for use in your webpage, it will not display correctly to visitors to the page who don't also have the same font installed on their computer
  • FontSelect the "font" for your text
    Times New Roman:Times New Roman
    Comic Sans MS:Comic Sans MS
    Include AlternativeIf checked, The WebWizard will generate code that will instruct webbrowsers to use a similar font if the font you specified is not available. Note: This only applies to "Base/Standard Fonts"
    SizeSets the size of the text - Read more about units
    10 pt:10 pt
    12 pt:12 pt
    14 pt:14 pt
    Letter SpacingSets the distance between adjacent letters in the text - Read more about units
    1 px:letter spacing example
    2 px:letter spacing example
    3 px:letter spacing example
    Word SpacingSets the distance between adjacent words in the text - Read more about units
    5 px:word spacing example
    10 px:word spacing example
    15 px:word spacing example
    TextThe "Text" area lets you type in your text and instantly preview how it will look, based on the various options in the "Insert Text" screen
    StyleAdd common "styles" to the text. Multiple styles can be used together
    ColorsSets the text color, and the background color of the text
    BorderAllows adding a border (box) around the text in various styles, thicknesses, and colors
    FXAdd Effects to the text
    ScrollMake your text move with Scrolling Text
    Events:Attach scripted "events" which trigger upon certain user actions/events - Read More about Events
    Style Class:Attach a previously defined Style Class to your text to further customize its appearance

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